All the darkness looks alive

A stage work for actor and ensemble inspired by lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. Marlies Bosmans, text and acting, Orkest de Ereprijs.

Memento Mori

Northwestern University’s Contemporary Music Ensemble will perform my work ‘Memento Mori’ on the 21st of May under the passionate direction of Ben Bolter. The live-stream can be viewed in the following link:

Surface Studies

Ensemble Proton Bern is currently preparing a video documentation of my work for 8 performers, objects, and optional amplification ‘Surface Studies’.

In ‘Surface Studies’ each performer gets to design and prepare their own surface as well as the utensils they use on that surface with just a few directions in the score on instrument-design in order to create a kind of playground on which to perform the piece. Compositionally the piece is constructed in such a way that each performer learns how their instrument functions (or doesn’t) throughout each new performance by the use of shapes in the score the performers have to try to follow on their surface.

What I wanted to create with ‘Surface Studies’ is a piece playable by any group of 8 people where socio-economic differences–and how those differences go into material choices for the instrument-design–make no difference on the eventual collective sound result; a golden surface with preparations and a cardboard surface with preparations will equally add to the aesthetics of the performance. Self-organisation is important on both the individual level when doing the instrument-design as well as on the collective level when rehearsing the piece and making precise decisions on balance and durations.

‘Surface Studies’ is commissioned by Ensemble Proton for Protonwerk #10.

Here are the surfaces as designed by the members of Ensemble Proton:

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